“The Roast of Ron Jeremy” Set for Summer Release

For fans that may have missed the 2014 roast of Ron Jeremy last November, TooFar.TV, The Cottage County Comedy Festival, and the Dark Comedy Festival have announced their plans to air, “The Roast of Ron Jeremy.”  Currently still in post-production, TooFar.TV plans to release the edited footage online this summer.

Featuring fellow adult star Lisa Ann, Dustin Diamone (aka “Screech” of Saved by the Bell), Tony Hinchcliffe, Andrew Schulz, Magnus Betner, John Moses and Tyler Morrison, the roast was filmed at the Royal Theater in Toronto. According to AVN:

“‘We shot it at the Royal Theater in Toronto during the Dark Comedy Festival—I know it was before Christmas—and then Screech had that problem in December while he was doing a comedy show in Canada,’ Jeremy recalled. ‘So they called me up to be at this thing at a big theater in Toronto, the Royal Theater, and they had some really well-known comedians from Canada, and they brought a few out from Los Angeles. Lisa Ann was there, and so was Screech, and though they were roasting me, anyone who’s there is fair game for getting jokes made about them. Actually, everyone there got the shit kicked out of them, even Lisa. One comic joked that she’s ‘had more head on her lap than Jacqueline Kennedy’ [referring to JFK’s assassination]. I did one on Dustin; I said the way he got his name was that he was doing his mom in the rear-end, and she screeched. But Screech was so sweet; he didn’t really want to roast me; he said such nice things.’

‘Me and Screech have done a couple of feature films together, mainstream, so he was so nice, I called it a ‘broast’; a nice roast,’ Jeremy continued. “The roast was a very long process; it took two or two-and-a-half hours to shoot, and I thought it wold be just second-rate comics, not that funny, but the people they got were brilliant, funny as hell. They beat the pants off me. My favorite line was, ‘If John Holmes was still alive, you wouldn’t even be here.’ I’m not even giving you the best lines; you’ll have to watch the video to get those. Dave Thomas and Jeff Ross got off some of the best ones; the jokes were really funny, sharp, mean as hell, which is what they wanted, and nobody got out of there alive. Everybody on the dais got hit.'”

Stay tuned to RonJeremy.com for the official release date, and when you can begin streaming, “The Roast of Ron Jeremy!”