A candid Ron Jeremy talks about tragedy and the historic chain of events that lead to his new album

In 1971 Ron Jeremy Understanding and Appreciating Classical MusicDon McLean recorded the universally known song American Pie. It is a poetic telling of the tragic 1959 plane crash that took the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper (Jiles Perry Richardson, Jr.). This week while discussing the release of his new album, Understanding and Appreciating Classical Music, Ron reflected on this story and the small twist of fate that eventually led to the creation of this album.


According to Ron (and confirmed from other sources) Waylon Jennings had initially planned to be on that infamous and tragic flight. At the last minute Jennings offered his seat to the Big Bopper who was suffering from a cold and instead, rode the bus to the next destination. The bus arrived safely and of course, the plane never made it.


As you probably know Waylon Jennings went on to have a successful career as a Country Music singer/songwriter. What you may not know is that in 1979 Waylon fathered his only son, Shooter Jennings with his wife Jessi Colter. Shooter went on to become a musician playing Country and Rock Music. In 2013 Shooter Jennings formed his own record label known as BCR. Shooter, under the BCR label has produced albums with the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus, Wanda Jackson and now Ron Jeremy.


Last month the 14″ two sided vinyl album, Understanding and Appreciating Classical Music was released in a limited pressing of 1000 copies. On the album Ron plays classical pieces on the Piano and on the Harmonica. Not surprisingly he also cracks a few jokes along the way. The initial pressing sold out quickly nationwide. The recordings will soon be available for download and will also be coming out on CD in a few months. We will keep you posted on the availability right here on RonJeremy.com.


That was Ron’s story. It is a reflection on the interconnectedness of things. Some deep thoughts we are happy we were able to share with Ron’s fans and the readers of this website.


Ron Jeremy Appears in New LMFAO Music Video

LMFAO, blockbuster party-rock group, recently released their newest music video, Sexy and I Know It. News of this video has spread like wildfire due to it’s risque male stripper-esque theme. Not only does Ron Jeremy make a cameo in LMFAO‘s newest club banger, but he also joins in the spirit via shaking his keester atop the bar in the required party attire, a sexy baby-blue Speedo. What other color banana hammock would you expect The Hedgehog to wear?

Ron Jeremy Fan Mail – Penis Autograph

Welcome back to Ron Jeremy‘s mailbox!

This month, Ron decided to answer a rather interesting piece of fan mail. Being the celebrity he is, Ron Jeremy normally receives tons of autograph requests. This is nothing new. Although, when an autograph request comes in asking for the picture to be of Ron’s cock…things get a little more interesting.

Jake writes to Ron Jeremy:

Hey Ron,

I’m your biggest fan. I don’t know if ur bi or not, but would u send me a picture of your penis to my email. It would be the most awesome thing ever. I’m your biggest fan. Please consider my message!

Well Jake, your message was considered and answered. Get a nice print of Ron’s penis off the interwebs, and bring it to the next adult industry trade show he is attending. Ron Jeremy has agreed to autograph a picture of his own dick just for you.

Ron Jeremy Hosts Pimps and Hos Ball 2011

Ron-Jeremy-Pimps-and-Hos-Ball-Pangea-Nightclub Ron-Jeremy-Pimps-and-Hos-Ball-Pangea-Nightclub Ron-Jeremy-Pimps-and-Hos-Ball-Pangea-Nightclub

How many years in a row have you been sitting on the couch at the end of August, failing to remember to make plans for Labor Day Weekend?

Don’t make the same mistake this year. Get up, get moving, and bring your friends to meet a true living legend. Ron Jeremy will be hosting the Pimps and Hos Ball September, 3rd at Pangea Nightclub inside the Seminole Hard Rock Casino/Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.

Last year’s Pimps and Hos Ball was a fantastic success, and this year is shaping up to be quite the same. Musical guest, DJ Graham Funke of Power 106, is set to keep the party bumping into the wee hours of the morning. Get your grill on during the daytime, and change into your dance pants to come get a shot from Ron Jeremy himself.

Ron Jeremy Pimps and Hos Ball 2011

Ron Jeremy Pursues Carrying Fetish at Vegas Rocks! Awards

Ron-Jeremy Vegas-Rocks-Awards 2011

Ron made a splash at the Vegas Rocks! Magazine award show in Las Vegas. Joining more than 200 rock stars and celebrities, The Hedgehog paraded on stage as a presenter in front of over 100 media members and 1,000 fans at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Ron Jeremy‘s presenting partner, Frankie Moreno, is known internationally for both his unquestionable music talent and quirky stage antics. Of course, being equally as fun-loving, Mr. Jeremy was not going to miss an opportunity for a grand stage entrance. The adult industry legend and international music phenom decided their proportions made for a perfect carry-on. Ron Jeremy hoisted Frankie Moreno over his shoulder, and fireman’s carried him to the podium for their presentation.

Now that’s Rock and Roll!