Ron Jeremy Is Just Fine. The Horse, Not So Much.

Ron Jeremy is alive!

While both have huge cocks, be careful not to confuse the legendary porn icon, Ron Jeremy, with a horse of the same name.  Ron got some calls last week from friends concerned that he (and his cock) were no longer with us.  These folks got confused when they heard news that a race horse named Ron Jeremy was put down for health reasons.  It is unfortunate for the horse owners, but thank the sweet heavens above they didn’t take The Hedgehog from us!  We got the rundown on AVN.

“My name is on rum, rolling papers, T-shirts, molds, barbecue sauce … I didn’t know it was on a horse!” Jeremy told AVN. “I never knew anything about this! That’s pretty nice, pretty classy. Everybody called me on the phone thinking I died. I’m saying, ‘I don’t know, I feel pretty much alive.”


Ron Jeremy Does Not Regret Doing Orgazmo

At the Comic-Con True Blood and Playboy party, Ron Jeremy is snagged for an interview by a long haired man with a southern accent.  At the start of the conversation Cousin James Mitchell of asks Ron which movies, besides Orgazmo, he regrets doing.  Ron’s eyes get wide as he holds firm that Orgazmo is a cult classic that stands the test of time.  It is true!  Unfortunately, the folks at TRYCW removed the interview.

If you’ve never seen Orgazmo, take a look at the trailer below.  Words can’t describe it.

Exposed – Ron Jeremy Goes To Church

It sounds a little like a porno title, but it’s not.  It’s a true story that was featured in the Examiner this week.  This past Sunday, June 10th, Ron Jeremy paid a visit to the Rock Church to be a part of their Exposed series.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t a battle or a debate.  Instead, it was a a friendly conversation of life’s trials and tribulations and how God comes in to play.

Via The Examiner via The Rock Church's Facebook Page

Via The Examiner via The Rock Church's Facebook Page

“Pastor Miles has been leading a 7-week series entitled “Exposed”, the focus of which is to expose NOT the failures, weaknesses, and troubles of celebrities (which we see plastered on magazines on a regular basis), but the way we – as Christian believers – respond to their troubles.  Are we quick to judge their behavior and count ourselves better than these troubled celebrities, or are we able to recognize the sin in our own lives and instead feel the same love for them that Jesus has shown us?”

Per usual, Ron brought his sense of humor and his harmonica.  He played Amazing Grace for the crowd and his hosts, Pastor Miles and Pastor Craig Gross of XXX Church.

“Jokingly, Ron said that one of the things he recommends to others who are also struggling with issues of faith is to pray to Allah, and Moses, and Jesus, and Budha, and anyone else you can think of, just in case… He says, ‘When you die and go to heaven, one of these guys has to be up there.’  He also said that if its Jesus who is in heaven, Ron would ask permission to come back to earth ‘for at least 5 minutes” in order to punch his rabbi who obviously had it all wrong.”

The only issue I have with this article is that they’re still calling porn a “failure” and a “weakness”.  They’re not saying that they are cool with porno; they’re saying they understand that sometimes you fuck up in life and you bang on camera.  Real nice.

On a serious note, it’s nice to see two ends of life’s spectrum sitting down and having a peaceful and intelligent conversation.  Ron Jeremy, way to be the ambassador of grown-upness.

Ron Jeremy Is Bionic… and STD Free!

Ron Jeremy Is BionicIn talking to the Daily Beast about wearing condoms in porn, Ron Jeremy stated that he is totally free of disease.  Seeing as how has starred in thousands of pornos, that is pretty awesome.  His friends think is is “bionic” and we’re not entirely sure that they’re wrong.  Regardless, we’re happy about it.

This discussion was based on the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s initiative to enforce condom use during the filming of adult movies.  The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) laid down the law in 2004 requiring condom use in porn, but it hasn’t exactly been enforced.  The Foundation aims to tighten up ship and make sure men are wrapping it up.  Porn stars like Ron and Nina Hartley are willing, but don’t think it’s what the viewers want.

Read the full story to find out more about what these legends of the smut had to say.


*We here at fully support and encourage you to use condoms and practice safer sex!

**Update: The Los Angeles city ordinance requiring porn performers to wear condoms has passed.  Check out the full story in the LA Times.


Ron Jeremy Defends Pornography on the Joy Behar Show

Ron Jeremy appeared on CNN’s Joy Behar Show August 16th to debate whether or not porn is good for people and/or their relationships. Pitted against Gail Dines, author of Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked our Sexuality and described as “The world’s leading anti-pornography campaigner”, Ron stood firmly in defense of the Adult Industry.

During the first video clip below, Gail Dines seems to confuse her feminist argument after Ron Jeremy states that roughly fifty percent of pornography is produced by women today. Gail replies, citing a recent study comparing pornography produced by women to pornography produced by men, that studies show porn produced by women is more violent than that of men. Somewhere within the matter of seconds it took for Gail to respond with this fact, she seemed to forget she was on the Joy Behar Show to represent women as a whole. Well, it seems maybe Doctor Dines just represents some women, and not women who produce pornography for the Adult Industry.

The second clip focuses on the effects pornography may have on relationships. After Ron Jeremy once again makes a valid point on there being a wide range of different types of porn being produced today, Gail Dines backtracks by agreeing there is pornography being watched by couples. She then augments her original argument by stating men watch “body punishing”, Gonzo-style pornography once their spouse or significant other has left them alone to do so. This exchange seems only to prove men and women, and individuals in general, vary in their sexualities. Gosh, there’s a shocker. Woops, sorry Gail. A shocker is a “body punishing” sexual act too isn’t it?

Where is Gail Dines obtaining this scientific information on men in relationships who secretly watch the Gonzo porn genre when they are alone? Did she steal Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility from J.K. Rowling, and stand silently in couples’ bedrooms taking notes? How much pocket money does one get for participating in this highly invasive sexual study? We’re fairly certain it’s not enough for most men to divulge their online spank banks to complete strangers.