Ron Jeremy Appears at Charlie Sheen Roast

Ron Jeremy has been putting his pounding skills to the pavement more than beautiful porn stars lately. Not only has he made his 9 and 3/4 mark on current pop music with LMFAO, but he also found time to attend the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. Ron is seen here, during the Charlie Sheen Roast Red Carpet Pre-Show, making a stop in with stars of Comedy Central’s Workaholics, Blake Anderson and Adam Devine. After showing the comedic adolescents a thing-or-two on his trusty harmonica, Ron Jeremy proceeds to dissect the science behind Comedy Central’s celebrity roasts.

Ron Jeremy Fan Mail – Penis Autograph

Welcome back to Ron Jeremy‘s mailbox!

This month, Ron decided to answer a rather interesting piece of fan mail. Being the celebrity he is, Ron Jeremy normally receives tons of autograph requests. This is nothing new. Although, when an autograph request comes in asking for the picture to be of Ron’s cock…things get a little more interesting.

Jake writes to Ron Jeremy:

Hey Ron,

I’m your biggest fan. I don’t know if ur bi or not, but would u send me a picture of your penis to my email. It would be the most awesome thing ever. I’m your biggest fan. Please consider my message!

Well Jake, your message was considered and answered. Get a nice print of Ron’s penis off the interwebs, and bring it to the next adult industry trade show he is attending. Ron Jeremy has agreed to autograph a picture of his own dick just for you.

Ron Jeremy Appears on Fox Sports – Cubed

Ron Jeremy made a guest appearance on Fox Sports’ Cubed yesterday. Pizzi compliments Ron on his most famous feature, his glorious french tickler. How four sequels to The Last X Rated Movie are possible is discussed, and a challenge of “Blow” is proposed. No Charlie Sheen, not the space warlock kind. A contest of lung capacity pits Pizzi against Ron Jeremy in a test of who can blow up a long balloon faster. Of course, Ron Jeremy has experience Pizzi simply cannot comprehend. It’s not how fast you finish young Padawan Pizzi, it’s the size of the balloon which always matters most.

Ron Jeremy Interviews with Zagat Buzz

Ron Jeremy HotMovies Tee Boob Sign

Yes, you read the headline right – we caught up with that Ron Jeremy for this interview. Actually, the actor and adult-film star has been getting a lot of attention in the food world lately. First up, he’s one of the stars of The Flying Pink Pig, an adult film about a sausage-serving food truck that has secret aphrodisiac powers. Jeremy is also promoting his own rum label, the limited edition Ron de Jeremy. We talked to him about the movie, the hooch and his favorite cuisine. Don’t worry, this is one interview that’s safe for work!

Zagat Buzz: What can viewers expect from your latest film, The Flying Pink Pig?

Ron Jeremy: They can expect comedy, eroticism and me – which is bad taste in jokes. But that’s why Sunny Lane’s in the movie – to distract you from my bad jokes. Which she does a great job of.

Zagat Buzz: Why is your character so intent on acquiring the namesake food truck – is the food really that good?

Ron Jeremy: Not only is the food good, but Sunny’s driving a great business, and I’m jealous of both.

Zagat Buzz: The movie is based on the recent food-truck craze. Are you a food-truck fan? Any favorite trucks?

Ron Jeremy: I’m not going to lie – but not really. I like them, and I patronize them, but I don’t seek them out.

Zagat Buzz: Do you see more food-truck–themed adult films on the horizon?

Ron Jeremy: Hopefully only the sequels to this one. I am sure there will be imitators, but none will be as good.

Zagat Buzz: You’ve been popping up a lot in the food world lately, what can you tell us about Ron de Jeremy, the rum label that bears your face and name?

Ron Jeremy: It’s delicious a dark rum. The producers live in Finland. The rum is made in Panama and I live in Los Angeles. It’s a whole international thing. You can find out everything you need to know about it at I also have a hot sauce, which is doing pretty good as well.

Zagat Buzz: Is rum your go-to drink of choice? What other cocktails or beverages do you like?

Ron Jeremy: At this point it’s my drink of choice and the only beverage I drink, because that’s what I’m promoting. Would you like to try a nice Ron-jito or Ron-a-colada?

Zagat Buzz: How about restaurants – do you have any favorites?

Ron Jeremy: I love Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Zagat Buzz: Valentine’s day is coming up – what do you think is the ideal V-day date?

Ron Jeremy: Rainbow Bar & Grill, with or without a date. They’ve already ordered a case of Ron de Jeremy rum!

Zagat Buzz: What’s the last thing you ate before this interview, and was it any good?

Ron Jeremy: I actually had a great rib-eye steak in Las Vegas. I just got back. I forgot the name of the restaurant.

Interview Courtesy of Zagat Buzz

CBS Interviews Ron Jeremy and Porn Friends

Unlike mainstream media’s typical coverage of the adult industry that grabs for a titillating headline to shock readers, the CBS Interactive Business Network has interviewed five of porn’s elite to find out how they’ve succeeded in business.

A cross section of adult performers and business people, including performers Sasha Grey, Ron Jeremy and Annie Sprinkle along with Hustler President Michael H. Klein and fetish web honcho Colin Rountree were asked their secrets to success and their brief histories in porn.

The report said that although it’s unusual for the mainstream world to look to the adult industry for business wisdom, because of porn’s pioneering and progressive adoption of technology and the tough competitive marketplace, the winners have a lot to share.

“Porn is also one of the most competitive industries in the world. It has a lower barrier of entry (no pun intended) which makes it very difficult to remain on top (no pun intended). As a result, people who are successful in the pornography business are often quite business savvy and are good at creating opportunities and, yes, selling their services and ideas,” the article said.

Veteran Ron Jeremy stressed hustling and dedication to his acting and porn craft to get ahead.

His Secret:

Hustle more than your competition.

His Story:

Arguably the world’s most recognizable male porn performer, Ron Jeremy has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Appearances in Adult Films” and was ranked by AVN Magazine at #1 in their “100 Top Porn Stars of All Time” He’s frequently had speaking rolls in numerous mainstream movies, starred in the second and ninth season of the reality series The Surreal Life, and published a well-received memoir “Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz“. That’s an impressive list of credits for anybody working in the seamier side of show biz, but it’s even more amazing when you consider that Ron Jeremy is (let’s face it) not the most attractive man on the planet.

What He Told Me:

“I am willing to spend as much time as it takes to get where I want to go. I didn’t wait for the mainstream to come to me, I went out for auditions and pounded the pavements. Business is all about being in the right place in the right time, so you need to be as many places as possible as often as possible if you want to succeed. You can’t become successful if you’re not willing to give something else up. I have friends who quit the porn business and now have families and are really happy with their lives. I made the decision that I couldn’t pursue my career and still be a good parent. I’m always ready to do what I can to help my friends. If I can help somebody connect up with somebody else, or give somebody I trust a reference, I’ll do it in a heartbeat. I have a Rolodex that’s longer than…my arm.” – Ron Jeremy

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