Ron Jeremy For President? No, But I Get It.

Politifake - Ron Jeremy For President

There are a good number of people out there who would like to see Ron Jeremy get elected as President of the Unites States.  He is not running, but I could totally see why people would vote him in.  Basically, he is awesome.  He works hard and he never lets folks down.  He also knows how to work his cock.  I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that my president is a good fucker.

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Ron Jeremy Gives Input – Secret Pants Sketch Comedy

“Ron Jeremy’s dedication to his craft is deep. Very Deep.”

Yuck it up with Ron Jeremy and the Philadelphia based Secret Pants sketch comedy group! RJ has a hard time grasping the fact that he doesn’t get to fuck anything. I can totally see his point, but it definitely makes for a funny dialogue.  Enjoy!


Ron Jeremy is Smarte Bidness

Ever wondered why the bathroom key in the office always seems to get lost?’s Smarte Bidness tackles this pressing workspace issue.

When a forgetful co-worker locks the key inside the pee room after doing his/her business, the entire office suffers. There are many inventive ways to try reminding said person to bring the key back with them, including tying it to the wrist of Ron Jeremy. With one of the best known big cocks on the face of the planet, Ron Jeremy is sure to increase productivity as your office bathroom key chain. Male employees shake only once on average with Ron urinal side. Survey research has found males urinate faster in order to avoid showing Mr. Jeremy their lesser talents, and never forget to return the key.

Get your Ron Jeremy bathroom key chain today!

**WARNING** Ron Jeremy Bathroom Key Chain has shown increased female employee lunch breaks, an increase in Hawaiian shirt office clothing, and coincidental condom dispenser installations.

Ron Jeremy Appears on Fox Sports – Cubed

Ron Jeremy made a guest appearance on Fox Sports’ Cubed yesterday. Pizzi compliments Ron on his most famous feature, his glorious french tickler. How four sequels to The Last X Rated Movie are possible is discussed, and a challenge of “Blow” is proposed. No Charlie Sheen, not the space warlock kind. A contest of lung capacity pits Pizzi against Ron Jeremy in a test of who can blow up a long balloon faster. Of course, Ron Jeremy has experience Pizzi simply cannot comprehend. It’s not how fast you finish young Padawan Pizzi, it’s the size of the balloon which always matters most.