Ron Jeremy And A Sheep In ‘Casual Sex’ Music Video

We think you’ll agree that there isn’t nearly enough Ron Jeremy in this music video, but he is in there. With a sheep. Also, there are lots of super hot nearly naked ladies sporting leather, mo hawks and giant bunny heads. It doesn’t make up for the lack of hedgehoginess, but it certainly helps. You can read more about the the Casual Sex video by My Darkest Days on

Ron Jeremy Appears in New LMFAO Music Video

LMFAO, blockbuster party-rock group, recently released their newest music video, Sexy and I Know It. News of this video has spread like wildfire due to it’s risque male stripper-esque theme. Not only does Ron Jeremy make a cameo in LMFAO‘s newest club banger, but he also joins in the spirit via shaking his keester atop the bar in the required party attire, a sexy baby-blue Speedo. What other color banana hammock would you expect The Hedgehog to wear?

Ron Jeremy Appears on Fox Sports – Cubed

Ron Jeremy made a guest appearance on Fox Sports’ Cubed yesterday. Pizzi compliments Ron on his most famous feature, his glorious french tickler. How four sequels to The Last X Rated Movie are possible is discussed, and a challenge of “Blow” is proposed. No Charlie Sheen, not the space warlock kind. A contest of lung capacity pits Pizzi against Ron Jeremy in a test of who can blow up a long balloon faster. Of course, Ron Jeremy has experience Pizzi simply cannot comprehend. It’s not how fast you finish young Padawan Pizzi, it’s the size of the balloon which always matters most.

Ron Jeremy Shows His Sensitive Side to Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit

Ron Jeremy made it a point to stand up for today’s more emotionally connected man on Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit. Host Pat Parnell brought 2011 Playmate of The Year, and Celebrity Apprentice cast member, Hope Dworaczyk and Love Line’s Mike Catherwood on the show to pick their “above average sexual IQs.” What Hope and Mike were not expecting, was Parnell letting the audience ask the questions. After audience members asked about creatively named sex positions, and whether Donald Trump or Hugh Hefner is more kissable, Ron Jeremy stepped to the microphone in his most recognizable Hawaiian shirt for a more serious inquiry.

Protect Kids From Porn

Brenda Black, Brandy Anniston, Tia Gunn, Rayveness, April Flores, Crissy Moran and Kelly Shibari join Ron Jeremy in’s newest PSA. Two hilarious 8 year old boys are attempting to do research for a school assignment, when a typo takes them from “pork” to “porn”. Pete the Porno Puppet, XXXChurch’s blonde puppet mascot since 2004, immediately begins shaking his head as the doorbell rings. The two curious lads rush to the door and find 4 gorgeous adult actresses waiting for them. When asked if they are at least 18 years old, the PSA depicts the issue of minors lying about their age with genius innocent comedy. Of course, after realizing this new power, the kids repeat with more adult words in order to render different things at their own doorstep. Ultimately, after drilling down into sub-niches of adult content, Ron Jeremy appears ready with two goats for some undisclosed entertainment.

Many adult professionals have had mixed opinions about the visual exposure of real minors to adult actors and actresses, but we feel this is exactly what the PSA is for. Parents should be made aware how easily adult material can be found by minors online, and that they have the ability to control it. Claiming ignorance to technology cannot be an acceptable excuse for today’s guardians.