Too Much Sex Can Be A Bad Thing

The Huffington Post has brought news of PETA’s . XXX site to our attention.  The animal rights group is opening our eyes with hot nudie pics and shocking photos of mistreated animals.  It’s a crazy combo, but I think it’s an effective one.  Ron Jeremy, along with other performers and those willing to bare their buns for the cause, has teamed up with PETA to let you know that even he thinks that too much sex can be a bad thing. Get your pet spayed or neutered to avoid the unnecessary killing of thousands of animals.

You should absolutely check out the video and PETA.XXX, but be warned – in addition to seeing super sexy images (i.e. Jenna Jameson), you’ll also have the unfortunate experience of seeing what these poor animals go through before/when they are slaughtered.

Ron Jeremy Supports PETA’s Spay Day

Ron Jeremy Supports PETA

Never ones to shy away from controversy, the animal rights organization turns to hot ads to promote ‘safe sex’ for pets.

Adult film star Sasha Grey. Porn king Ron Jeremy. 9½ Weeks star Mickey Rourke. Put ’em in a lineup out of context and you’d never guess that they were spokespeople for getting your pet spayed.

Leave it to PETA to rock the boat on a topic that until recently was left to the less-exciting words of Bob Barker (and now Drew Carey) at the end of each episode of The Price is Right: “Help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered.”

February 23 is “Spay Day,” and in anticipation of the one day each year that leaves even the heartiest of pooches cowering in the corner with their legs crossed, Tonic offers up a look at the history of sexy (or not) ads the animal rights organization uses to spread (eh-hem) the word. From the suggestion that dogs would use condoms if they could, to a dreamy old-school movie-star photo of Patricia Arquette; from Dancing With the Stars’ Carrie Ann Inaba in garter belt and stockings, to the in-your-face edict to “have the balls” to get your dog fixed.

– Article Courtesy of Tonic

Ron Jeremy Kicks The Bucket

You can tell just by looking at me that I love to eat. Among my favorites is the occasional bucket of fried chicken. So you know it’s hard for me to do this but I’m giving up the Colonel.

Enough with the disgusting, factory raised chickens. We’re in the age of ‘green’ technologies and socially conscious living, get with the program already.

Until you can reform your evil ways, I’m afraid you’re dead to me KFC.