Ron Jeremy Debates in Nebraska

Ron Jeremy’s latest roll defending the Pornography Industry in debate, didn’t take place with his “XXXChurch” co-star?

Ron Jeremy Debates in Nebraska

Ron Jeremy recently spoke at the Nebraska Union to defend Pornography in debate against Activist Susan G. Cole. Hundreds of Nebraskans lined the walls to see the fabled “Dong Juan” do his thing, few of which looked over the age of 25.

Susan’s message sounded like that of a thousand activists before her. Her main points regarded the availability of adult content to minors and how she believes Porn is reshaping our notions of sexuality. Of course, considering the time worn argument, most of Ron Jeremy’s speech sounded about the same as well. I will give Susan kudos for having a serious argument with Ron while he was wearing a purple hawaiian crocodile shirt though. Lookin’ snappy Ron!

Susan’s remarks tended to skew from targeting Pornography to targeting Ron himself at some points, and I would like to address those.

“The truth of the matter is that Ron Jeremy’s time has gone,” Cole said. “He is, when it comes to the reality of pornography in 2010, completely irrelevant.”

Counter Point: So then you could say the same of someone like Babe Ruth in regard to Baseball? You have an interesting stand point Susan. The Babe is dead and has more relevance to Baseball than you do today, without having seen a single second of it played in 2010. Maybe you should dig him up and tell him he’s irrelevant.

“We think we have control,” Cole said. “We think our sexuality is the last bastion of our individualism, and I say that is actually changing, that we are losing control of what’s turning us on.”

Counter Point: The only way this makes any sense as a threat, is if you whole heartedly believe in the religious puritan principles this country was started from. If you do, then things like the Salem Witch Trials were totally fine right?

So what if our notions of sexuality are changing? The human race is always evolving and adapting in everything it does. That’s why we don’t drown people to make sure they don’t use black magic anymore!

Alright, enough hate. Debate with more of these kind of people Ron. The rebuttal is so much more fun 🙂