Interviews Ron Jeremy on Scoundrels

Cecil Howard - ScoundrelsThe crew rolled into Miami Beach in May for the fifth anniversary of Exxxotica Miami and its own fifth anniversary as the Presenting Sponsor of one of the best adult shows in the world.

We gathered around the dinner table one night on the patio at Maxine’s, a South Beach mainstay for late eats. We prepared to break bread with an eclectic group of industry stars including HotMovies spokesperson Ron Jeremy and the incomparable Sunny Lane.

As drinks were served, we took the opportunity to speak with Mr. Jeremy about the legendary Cecil Howard and the making of Scoundrels, Howard’s AVN Award-winning epic about to be released for the first time in 25 years on and Ron Jeremy’s Video Theater.

HM: Ron, it’s great to see you, as always. Please talk a little about your experience working with Cecil Howard on Scoundrels.

RJ: I was always doing comedy. All the Chuck Vincent comedies, I was known for that. Sizzle, Fascination, you know…. And then Cecil Howard has me do this movie where he goes, “No jokes, no cracking jokes, no typical Ron Jeremy laughing…” and I went along with it. It was a very, very serious psychodrama…. People are gonna see this film and say, damn, they made movies as good as Pirates back in those days.

Cecil Howard was one of the really good filmmakers. He never compromised. He did Neon Nights, he did Babylon Pink. He didn’t sacrifice for the video market, which started to take over.

Howard is actually the Burt Reynolds character from Boogie Nights. He refused to jump on that shooting videos format. He wanted to make motion pictures on FILM, not video. Babylon Pink, with Ron Sullivan (AKA Henri Pachard) directing and Cecil Howard producing, won so many awards in that era. Read the rest of this entry »

Pornstar Airlines Interviews Ron Jeremy

The Best of Ron JeremyRock Band, Pornstar Airlines, gets some one on one time with the Hedgehog

Are there any famous persons you had sex with outside adult-biz?

Ron Jeremy: Of course, yes! Very famous people!

Will you tell it?

Ron Jeremy: No. 😉 But you ll find a lot of good stories in my book. But I won’t rat on female friends.

If you were a rat,you wouldn’t have that many Hollywood friends, right?

Right. Especially women don’t like that… Who knows? Maybe they remarried and their hubbys find out, so maybe they break up and kids are affected. I don’t wanna be the cause of something like that…
Like: “What YOU had sex with Ron Jeremy??? That s it! Divorce! LOL !

Or they get even closer because they think it s cool.Who knows? I’d find it cool if my mother had sex with Ron Jeremy. Maybe she had, I don’t know. 😀

Ron Jeremy: LOL. Yeah! Like, “Come here!You did Ron Jeremy?? Eat me! Eat meeeee!
The book shows pictures of me with many female celebs and there are a lot of great stories. But I’m not mentioning names. That’s not fair. But I tell it when I m with male actors and a girl at the same time, like I had this threesome with Charlie Sheen.

What s a turn-on in women for you ?

Ron Jeremy: Your Mom !

LOL !So how about now? Are you single?girlfriend?Have you ever been married actually?

Ron Jeremy: Say it again ??? 😉 No,I ve never been married.I m single.I m dating.

Which of the adult-models are some of the best fucks ever for you?

Ron Jeremy: Christy Canyon, Debi Diamond, Tabitha Stevens, Veronica Rayne, Lexi Love, Taylor wayne, Teri Weigel, Sunny Lane…

I saw a lot of websites pretending to be Ron Jeremy’s.This can’t be true. Where’s the real one? What’s your website(s)?

Ron Jeremy: It’s only
Any others are fakes, if there will be other ones it’s gonna be announced there.

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