Houston: Pretty Enough – Forward By Ron Jeremy

Houston, known as the Gang Bang Queen, recently published her autobiography and none other than Ron Jeremy wrote the forward.  You may remember Houston 620 – The World’s Biggest Gang Bang III where the blonde Barbie took on close to 620 men.  I say “close to” because a Houston - Pretty Enoughhandful of ladies showed up to join in the fun with their strap-ons.  Ron hosted the event in all of his charm while chatting it up the folks who were fluffing, fucking and waiting to fuck.  It sounds like the Hedgehog is pretty good friends with Houston, so I’m not surprised that he contributed to her book.  I’m sure she has some pretty interesting stories to tell and I’d love to read about them.  Here is a little sneak peak of from Ron’s forward in Houston – Pretty Enough:

“Through the years I’ve known her, I’ve seen that very few women have had the far out, wild, and crazy experiences that Houston has had. She’s been a porn star and a prom queen; a gangbang record holder (and STILL the record holder) and a mother. From multiple contracts for major adult film companies to having more partners in one day than most people have in a lifetime; from hosting huge media events to attending a high school prom in Staten Island to selling her vaginal lips on the Howard Stern show (ultimately purchased by Dennis Hof at The Worlds Famous Bunny Ranch.) In more recent years, she’s been a realtor, a cancer survivor, and is soon to embark on what I’m sure will be a fruitful medical career. At the same time, she’s been able to reconnect with God and find a little peace in her life.”