Freak Of The Week!

If you haven’t seen Ron’s music video with DJ Polo for the song “Freak Of The Week”, you simply haven’t lived.  The 1996 video features cameos from Corey Feldman, John Bobbitt, Joey Buttafuoco and Grandpa Munster! Freak Of The Week actually reached #22 on the Billboard Charts.   Do yourself a favor and watch this all the way through.  There is just too much awesome here not to!

YouTube Preview Image

Ron Jeremy Rap

For the record, I, Ron Jeremy used to be pretty hip. Actually, I’d like to think I’m still pretty hip. I could groove with some of that hip hop music, it’s always been a pretty popular genre of music, even though I prefer something a little more mellow.. like Sinatra.

Is that Corey Feldman? You better believe it.

Prepare to be physically uncomfortable…