Be Ron Jeremy for Halloween

Ron Jeremy Halloween Mask
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Has it been a rough month for your pockets? Was a Halloween costume just not in the cards for this year’s festivities? We have you covered. Click the Ron Jeremy Mask above and print your very own. The image is designed to print face-size on a regular 8.5×11 piece of paper, but will obviously be better or worse depending on the quality of paper printed on. Regardless, now you can attend any Halloween party you want as the jolly media icon we all know and love.

An autographed 8×10 poster of Ron Jeremy will be sent to the lucky fan who sends the best photo of him/herself wearing their Ron Jeremy mask to the e-mail below:

Ron Jeremy Was In That? – The Ocho

Finishing The Game

Ron Jeremy - Finishing the gameCongratulations to Sexton on picking out the Bruce Lee Mockumentary! Off goes another Ron Jeremy autographed poster. “Finishing the Game” is a comedy based on Bruce Lee’s shocking death. Studio executives launched a search for his replacement and the story is told through the eyes of five aspiring thespians who find out what the real game is. This was a tough one, but I wanted to make another Photo Hint 🙂

On With The Show!!!!


* Grand Slam
* Roast Beef
* Baked Potato
* Fire Sauce

This one should be a sprint! Go!

“Ron Jeremy Was In That?” Lucky 7

Ron Jeremy in 52 pick-upHey there Ron Jeremy Fans!

Congratulations to DJ for picking up on “52 Pick-Up”! I’m about to send his free Ron Jeremy Autographed 8×10 poster this afternoon, all the way to Illinois. My personal favorite clue from that round was “Brody”, which DJ snooped out the “Jaws” reference to Roy Scheider’s character. Ron Jeremy played a party goer in the 1986 film about Roy Scheider’s character, Harry Mitchell, being blackmailed for $100,000 in trade for protection of his wife’s political ambitions.

Now…on with the contest!

This Week’s Clues:

*Porn Stars
*David Carradine
*Tokyo Drift

Good Luck!

“Ron Jeremy Was In That?” 5 Alive

Reindeer GamesCongrats to Austin Zerkle on winning the Quadrilogy!

The correct answer was indeed “Reindeer Games” as Prisoner #1. Increased difficulty makes for awesome photo hints! Unfortunately, I can’t get my hands on any imagery from this cameo. Although, if you look up the credits for this movie…Ron Jeremy is very high on the list. As he should be 🙂

Yet another autographed Ron Jeremy 8×10 sent to a happy fan!

This week’s “Ron Jeremy Was In That?” is set to pick your brain just as hard. Good Luck and Godspeed!

The 5th Set of Clues:

* Speed
* The Freak
* The Cook
* Brittany Murphy