Ron Jeremy Music Videos – Black Light Dinner Party – Gold Chain

Ron Jeremy stars in the brand new video for Black Light Dinner Party – Gold Chain. Following the rise is new wave synthpop, Black Light Dinner Party likes to stay almost completely anonymous within media circles. Searching their band name on Google will only lead you to further frustrations. They have taken their incognito persona to the lengths of refusing to have a Wikipedia page or even an about section on their website. All we can do is watch and listen as they turn out immensely popular tracks and shoot high quality music videos, starring celebrities like The Hedgehog.

Ron Jeremy really seems to have his finger on the pulse of the popular music world. Having starred in this, the record breaking LMFAO video, and making an appearance at Bonnaroo 2011, Ron’s music street cred has blown through the roof. Keep dancing Ron, you may just win Grace Potter’s interest yet.