Ron Jeremy Was In That? – The Ocho

Finishing The Game

Ron Jeremy - Finishing the gameCongratulations to Sexton on picking out the Bruce Lee Mockumentary! Off goes another Ron Jeremy autographed poster. “Finishing the Game” is a comedy based on Bruce Lee’s shocking death. Studio executives launched a search for his replacement and the story is told through the eyes of five aspiring thespians who find out what the real game is. This was a tough one, but I wanted to make another Photo Hint 🙂

On With The Show!!!!


* Grand Slam
* Roast Beef
* Baked Potato
* Fire Sauce

This one should be a sprint! Go!

4 Responses to “Ron Jeremy Was In That? – The Ocho”

  1. t.j. says:

    Hint…Troma film…..

  2. t.j. says:

    Hint #2: Fast food references!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. brad farley says:

    poultrygeist. gobblegobble knobgobble

  4. t.j. says: