“Ron Jeremy Was In That?” – Pick up Sticks

Ron Jeremy was in SpunPhew, ok. Sorry for the contest delay.

I watched “Spun”, the answer to 5 Alive, and it sent me into a short downward spiral. Crazy confused nightmares of Brittany Murphy stripping while John Leguizamo was half-and-half between Empire and Moulin Rouge. Meth smoke was making clouds that Ron Jeremy was using to bang out the green Absinthe fairy and stuff. Anyway, needless to say…i’m glad i’m back.

Now I can deal out another chance for a Free Ron Jeremy Autographed poster 🙂

I will give you fair warning on this one, because I feel it might have gone under even people who have seen this movie’s radar. This is another one from way back in the 80’s, but it’s after Ghostbusters.


*Snuff Film

Good Luck!

5 Responses to ““Ron Jeremy Was In That?” – Pick up Sticks”

  1. DJ says:

    It might be Cobra with Stallone.

  2. DJ says:

    HAHAHA got it. The answer is 52 Pick Up. Scheider was in it and played Chief Brody in Jaws.

  3. DJ says:

    52 Pick-Up is the correct response.

  4. t.j. says:

    Nice man. You’re right!

  5. Leslee Lindeland says:

    grrrr im late for this one.