Ron Jeremy Pursues Carrying Fetish at Vegas Rocks! Awards

Ron-Jeremy Vegas-Rocks-Awards 2011

Ron made a splash at the Vegas Rocks! Magazine award show in Las Vegas. Joining more than 200 rock stars and celebrities, The Hedgehog paraded on stage as a presenter in front of over 100 media members and 1,000 fans at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Ron Jeremy‘s presenting partner, Frankie Moreno, is known internationally for both his unquestionable music talent and quirky stage antics. Of course, being equally as fun-loving, Mr. Jeremy was not going to miss an opportunity for a grand stage entrance. The adult industry legend and international music phenom decided their proportions made for a perfect carry-on. Ron Jeremy hoisted Frankie Moreno over his shoulder, and fireman’s carried him to the podium for their presentation.

Now that’s Rock and Roll!

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