Ron Jeremy Defends Pornography on the Joy Behar Show

Ron Jeremy appeared on CNN’s Joy Behar Show August 16th to debate whether or not porn is good for people and/or their relationships. Pitted against Gail Dines, author of Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked our Sexuality and described as “The world’s leading anti-pornography campaigner”, Ron stood firmly in defense of the Adult Industry.

During the first video clip below, Gail Dines seems to confuse her feminist argument after Ron Jeremy states that roughly fifty percent of pornography is produced by women today. Gail replies, citing a recent study comparing pornography produced by women to pornography produced by men, that studies show porn produced by women is more violent than that of men. Somewhere within the matter of seconds it took for Gail to respond with this fact, she seemed to forget she was on the Joy Behar Show to represent women as a whole. Well, it seems maybe Doctor Dines just represents some women, and not women who produce pornography for the Adult Industry.

The second clip focuses on the effects pornography may have on relationships. After Ron Jeremy once again makes a valid point on there being a wide range of different types of porn being produced today, Gail Dines backtracks by agreeing there is pornography being watched by couples. She then augments her original argument by stating men watch “body punishing”, Gonzo-style pornography once their spouse or significant other has left them alone to do so. This exchange seems only to prove men and women, and individuals in general, vary in their sexualities. Gosh, there’s a shocker. Woops, sorry Gail. A shocker is a “body punishing” sexual act too isn’t it?

Where is Gail Dines obtaining this scientific information on men in relationships who secretly watch the Gonzo porn genre when they are alone? Did she steal Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility from J.K. Rowling, and stand silently in couples’ bedrooms taking notes? How much pocket money does one get for participating in this highly invasive sexual study? We’re fairly certain it’s not enough for most men to divulge their online spank banks to complete strangers.