Ron Jeremy Fan Mail – Penis Autograph

Welcome back to Ron Jeremy‘s mailbox!

This month, Ron decided to answer a rather interesting piece of fan mail. Being the celebrity he is, Ron Jeremy normally receives tons of autograph requests. This is nothing new. Although, when an autograph request comes in asking for the picture to be of Ron’s cock…things get a little more interesting.

Jake writes to Ron Jeremy:

Hey Ron,

I’m your biggest fan. I don’t know if ur bi or not, but would u send me a picture of your penis to my email. It would be the most awesome thing ever. I’m your biggest fan. Please consider my message!

Well Jake, your message was considered and answered. Get a nice print of Ron’s penis off the interwebs, and bring it to the next adult industry trade show he is attending. Ron Jeremy has agreed to autograph a picture of his own dick just for you.

2 Responses to “Ron Jeremy Fan Mail – Penis Autograph”

  1. darrell payne says:

    Hey could i get your autograph?love the debutant series.

    my address is:
    darrell w payne
    445 dallas street
    vidor tx 77662

  2. Hello Ron,
    I would like to get hold of you sometime and I want your autography of your cock. I like older men like you, Ron. I would love to meet up with you in person sometime too.