Ron de Jeremy recommended by Forbes magazine

Ron de Jeremy Rum Ron de Jeremy Rum was listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 5 rums to try on National Rum Day (Aug 16th). The article mentioned that besides being a great conversation starter, Ron’s rum, which is manufactured in Panama, is quite tasty. The article goes on to make the not-so-subtle pun that the rum “measures up.” Ron always does, doesn’t he?

Dinner With Ron web series debuts

Ron Jeremy and James Bartholet join other industry personalities Tia Cyrus, Ed Powers, and Luna Star to enjoy dinner and have a fun, spontaneous, and candid conversation about their lives, their history, their work, and their deepest thoughts. You’ll get a firsthand look into the life of career porn stars as they share amusing, horrifying, and occasionally gross stories of their times in the industry. Ron discusses the time Ed Powers gave him a “helping hand” with BBW star Layla Lashell, times he partied with Italian porn-star-turned-Parliament-member Cicciolina, and Ron even eats a dick… something he’s famously done before. Find out what happens to Ron when he falls asleep on porn sets, and hear him explain his least favorite aspects of performing a double-penetration scene.

The pilot was shot at the world-famous Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA. Episode 1 is called “Ron Jeremy Eats a D***!,” a title that will make sense after you watch the first episode.

A touching tribute

A friend and old roommate of Ron has released a song called Touchy Feely that is essentially about a booty call, one of Ron’s favorite things. She made a cartoon video for the song and the Uber driver character is based on Ron. You can see it here

Porn secrets revealed by top talent in adult indutry

Come have a candid conversation with hall of fame performers from the Golden Age of porn. You’ll hear behind-the-scenes tales and secrets from legendary performers like Annie Sprinkles,Kelly Nichols, Serena and Rhonda Jo Petty. The last chance to catch this show is this Sunday March 26th and you dont want to miss it because they just added adult superstar Ginger Lynn!

VIP ticket holders will get to take part in the after-party hosted by The Hedgehog himself, Ron Jeremy! Don’t miss this celebration and appreciation of a time when triple-X meant something X-tra special.

The show will take place at the Cupcake Theater
11020 Magnolia Blvd
North Hollywood, CA
Limited seating is available, Click Here to buy tickets online

Ron Jeremy in the dog position

Here is a fun fact for you. Ron Jeremy practices Yoga… from time to time. You wouldn’t know it to look at him now, but he was quite limber and athletic back in the day. Anyhow, Ron still practices Yoga on occasion and of course, Ron being Ron, he will always wind up around other famous people. It turns our Ron’s occasional Yoga partners are none other than White Sun, who just won the Grammy Award for best New Age Album beating out both Enya and Vangelis.

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