Ron Jeremy Is Bionic… and STD Free!

Ron Jeremy Is BionicIn talking to the Daily Beast about wearing condoms in porn, Ron Jeremy stated that he is totally free of disease.  Seeing as how has starred in thousands of pornos, that is pretty awesome.  His friends think is is “bionic” and we’re not entirely sure that they’re wrong.  Regardless, we’re happy about it.

This discussion was based on the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s initiative to enforce condom use during the filming of adult movies.  The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) laid down the law in 2004 requiring condom use in porn, but it hasn’t exactly been enforced.  The Foundation aims to tighten up ship and make sure men are wrapping it up.  Porn stars like Ron and Nina Hartley are willing, but don’t think it’s what the viewers want.

Read the full story to find out more about what these legends of the smut had to say.


*We here at fully support and encourage you to use condoms and practice safer sex!

**Update: The Los Angeles city ordinance requiring porn performers to wear condoms has passed.  Check out the full story in the LA Times.