Kotaku Reports on Super Hornio Brothers

Super-Hornio-BrothersA ton of forum buzz was suddenly rekindled over the images of Ron Jeremy dressed as Super Mario. So much so that even Kotaku, a Gawker Media video game blog named in CNET’s Top 100, decided to report on it. The personal search for where these iconic photos originated from was taken on by Doorknobjohnny within the Something Awful Forum. When he shouldered the task, he was not aware that obtaining a copy of Super Hornio Brothers is quite possibly the most difficult Ron Jeremy adventure one can undertake.

Some of you may be wondering why it is that we, Ron Jeremy’s Official Website, do not offer Super Hornio Brothers or Super Hornio Brothers 2 within our massive library of Ron Jeremy videos. The simple answer is “Nintendo”. After Super Hornio Brothers was produced, the Nintendo corporation bought the rights to the films in order to halt their distribution indefinitely. Otherwise, we would 100% offer up Super Hornio Brothers for streaming glory. As you can see from the edited highlight reel above, it is a classic hilarious Ron Jeremy porn parody.

Special Thanks to DoorknobJohnny and the SA Forum crew for all of their efforts!