NRPW Signs Ron Jeremy and Sean Casey

Upstart wrestling federation NRPW is pleased to announce the signing of two superstars, Ron Jeremy and Sean Casey!

Adult and mainstream star Ron Jeremy, sponsored by, is the official color commentator for the federation. Ron will appear on the first two exciting DVDs set for street release within weeks, to be distributed by IVD Exclusives ( You may recall, Ron was last seen at the end a nasty confrontation (broadcast on TMZ) between Craig Valentine and Evan Stone! Check out the video link here.

The feud between the two has since escalated, involving Craig stealing Evan’s prized Rolex Watch, and Evan ‘busting up’ Craig in a tussle of sorts! Check out the video link here.

Now, Ron has declared that if these two don’t get a grip soon and settle their differences, he may have to step in the ring and show them who the real hardcore champ is – and take the belt himself!

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