Reddit AMA with Ron this Wednesday 10/11 at 11am PST

Ron Jeremy will be joining the Reddit community to host an AMA this upcoming Wednesday, October 11th starting at 11am PST. In addition to answering all your outrageous questions, Ron is also excited to share some very exciting news with you all. Its many months in the making so we’d hate to spoil the surprise now, but tune in to on Wednesday to hear all about it from The Hedgehog himself.

Ron de Jeremy recommended by Forbes magazine

Ron de Jeremy Rum Ron de Jeremy Rum was listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 5 rums to try on National Rum Day (Aug 16th). The article mentioned that besides being a great conversation starter, Ron’s rum, which is manufactured in Panama, is quite tasty. The article goes on to make the not-so-subtle pun that the rum “measures up.” Ron always does, doesn’t he?

Happy New Year from Ron

Ron was featured on CNNs New Year’s Eve show featuring Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.  The two have been hosting CNN New Years Eve Live for the past 10 years and to commemorate their anniversary, they had a plethora of celebrities wish them a Happy New Year’s Eve including none other than world famous celebrity Ron Jeremy.

Happy New Year from Ron Jeremy

Here’s the story of a man named Jeremy

ron jeremy and florence henderson

Ron has recently been doing some filming. He wrapped recently on a film in progress that is featuring Ed Asner and he  almost did a film with fellow Surreal Life cast member Florence Henderson who was one of many stars we lost  in 2016. Many don’t know this but Ron and Florence had an even deeper connection than their stints on reality TV. Ms. Henderson’s long time manager was Ken Greengrass who also represented Steve and Edie and Art Garfunkel. The renowned TV producer and chairman of the Friar’s Club Roast also happens to have been Ron Jeremy’s great uncle. The Greengrass family are also famous for the family run 100+ year old delicatessen they own in New York.  It just seems like no matter where you turn, there is Ron.

Me and Johhny D and the guy who wrote Bobby Mcgee

Ron, John and Kris at Vidiots awards for Harry

Ron attended an awards show on Oct 23rd where the Vidiots Foundation hosted an evening of conversation and music to honor iconic actor and Ron’s friend Harry Dean Stanton. Ron and Harry met years ago through mutual friend and filmmaker Phoebe.

The event was to establish the “Harry Dean Stanton Award” which will be given out annually by the foundation to recognize a member of the film community whose body of work has helped define American cinema. The event was attended by many of Stanton’s friends and collaborators and featured a performance from Kris Kristofferson. After the show, the production manager requested that Kris Kristofferson, Johhny Depp and Ron take a photo together. Ron joked that “Posing with these guys can kill my career”, to which onlookers overheard Johnny Depp quip “Not if we pull our cocks out”