Heaven And Hell Halloween Bash!!

Join Ron Jeremy and a slew of top shelf porn stars at the 2014 Heaven And Hell Bash, Halloween night at Playhouse Nightclub in Los Angeles.  Advance tickets are available here.

20 Years ago this Halloween, the producers of this event conceived the greatest Halloween party in Hollywood, California.  It’s the only night and party where the two afterlifes: Heaven & Hell convene in celebration of this Life on Earth! This year is a special treat.

The year’s Halloween party is held at PlayHouse, hollywood’s top rated MEGA club! There will be 2 Giant Rooms, plus an a amazing patio with 2 genres of music where: Open Format Electronic Dance Music will be in the Heaven Main room, and EDM will be in the Hell VIP Room. Heaven will also showcase some of the world’s mostbeautiful top models as angels, and Hell will boust some of the top Adult Filmstars as debaucherous devils.

Heaven And Hell - Hosted by Ron Jeremy

Ron Does Europe!!

Freak Of The Week!

If you haven’t seen Ron’s music video with DJ Polo for the song “Freak Of The Week”, you simply haven’t lived.  The 1996 video features cameos from Corey Feldman, John Bobbitt, Joey Buttafuoco and Grandpa Munster! Freak Of The Week actually reached #22 on the Billboard Charts.   Do yourself a favor and watch this all the way through.  There is just too much awesome here not to!

YouTube Preview Image

The Mailbag with Ron Jeremy

Hey Ron Jeremy fans! You have been sending in lots of great e-mails to Ron and he truly appreciates it. Because of his busy schedule it is difficult for him to personally respond to each message but he loves hearing what you have to say. Welcome to a new feature on RonJeremy.com; The Mailbag. Read on to see some of the messages Ron has received and read his responses. Maybe one of the messages will be yours with an answer just for you straight from the Hedgehog himself.


A fan writes, “Ron, what do you think of Erectzan pills.  Do you endorse them?  Or is there something better. I Appreciate what your recommendation as to which pill would be great for me as a male enhancement that has great & the best results. Thanks.”

Ron says, “I don’t endorse any one sex pill or penis enhancement pill. I do endorse the website SexPillGuru.com. SexPillGuru.com is a site that reviews and rates the various pills and supplements on the market allowing you to make an informed decision on which product might be right for you. The site helps you avoid scams and tells you the truth about what is really in the products you may consider taking.”


Many fans write in asking Ron about how he could be booked to make an appearance or when he might visit a  particular city. This is a common question we get here at RonJeremy.com so if this is something that is of interest to you read on.

Ron says, “My appearances are handled by Golden Artist Entertainment. You can find out more about booking me for an event by visiting the website Golden Artists Entertainment. The best place to keep tabs on my upcoming appearances and events is right here on RonJeremy.com. Keep checking back regularly as new places I will be visiting are always being posted.”


A fan writes, “You said Cytherea can squirt and I do not think it is true. I believe it is faked by putting water inside. I don’t believe a woman has the right equipment to do this. I love her a lot but I just can’t believe the squirting I see in her movies is real.”

Ron says, “It sounds like you need to make an appointment with your gynecologist. 😉 What is commonly referred to in adult movies as ‘squirt’ is a fluid produced by the Bartholin’s  Gland. It is true most women do not ‘squirt’ or at least do not produce the volume of fluid often seen in adult movies. Cytherea is definitely a true squirter. If the fluid leaves the body in a tight stream it is likely urine but fluid that dribbles out is probably the real deal.”


And finally, a fan writes, “Hey there Ron, just a quick question? You never, ever hear about what  porn stars do outside the industry, are you active in your communities and lead a everyday life or stay secluded and keep to yourself? Would be cool just to see …. The day in the life of Ron Jeremy.  Thanks from a long time fan.”

Ron Says, “Porn Stars are a diverse bunch of people. Many are active in their communities and live fairly normal everyday lives when not working but everyone is unique. Personally I like to stay very active. I love Comedy and Rock & Roll. For more about my day to day life I suggest you check out the documentary Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy. It was directed by Scott J. Gill and should be available at video stores or on sites like Amazon.com.


That’s it for this installement of the Mailbag. Keep those questions coming.