Ron will be in Baltimore at The Gold Club on April 18th 2014

Ron to appear at Balitmore's Gold Club

Ron Jeremy to appear at Baltimore’s Gold Club on Friday April 18th, 2014

Ron Jeremy is hitting the road again on April 18th, 2014 to visit with his fans in Baltimore Maryland. Ron will be hanging out at The Gold Club. The Gold Club is located at 5801 Pulaski Hwy in the Pulaski Industrial area. Ron hopes his readers from Maryland will stop by and say hello.


Let the Party Begin! – Spring Break 2014

Ron de Jerermy Promotional image

Ron Jeremy is in Florida this week to kick off Spring Break. He will be stopping by various clubs and bars to share his world famous (and I can say from personal experience, delicious) Ron de Jeremy fine rums.

We’ve got the appearance schedule for you. If you are in Florida be sure to get out and say hello to the legend in person.


March 11th | Crown Wine and Spirits #5 | 4pm-6pm

March 11th | Hunter’s Beach Bar | 7pm-9pm

March 12th | Twin Oaks Liquors | 4pm-6pm

March 12th | Atlantic Surf Club | 7pm-9pm



March 13th | Whiskey’s Saloon and Package | 4pm-6pm

March 13th | Picolo’s “The Red Bar” | 10pm-12am

March 13th | Pandora’s of Grayton | 12am – 2am

March 14th | Paradise Liquors | 2pm-5pm

March 14th | Kwiker Liquor | 6pm-9pm

March 14th | Ms Newby’s | 9:30pm-11:30pm

March 14th | Players Saloon | 12am-2am

Ron de Jeremy Makes ‘Best Boozes Made By Celebs’ (Thril) List

Powerhouse lifestyle publication Thrillist recently posted a list of best boozes made by celebs, and Ron’s Ron de Jeremy Rum made the headline and number ten. The blip mentions that the elixir is crafted by a 72-year-old Cuban Master Distiller and is accompanied by 26 recipes for adults-only concoctions. Read the write-up and who else made the list here.


Ron Jeremy Goes Deep with Kassem G

If you haven’t yet checked out Kassem G’s amazingly stoic-asm youtube channel Going Deep, I don’t necessarily feel bad for you because I’m about to open your eyes to the greatest Porn Star interviewer in a robe and glasses.


Kassem G interviewed Ron Jeremy, our number one man with the number one 9 ¾” power pump (it’s killing me to avoid the Harry Potter reference).  We brought forth the eight-minute-and-some-change video so you can get to know the legend as we do: a normal human who can kill an awkward moment with scientific facts. I recommend turning the volume all the way up, since the moments of glare-to-glare silence are especially worth hearing.

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