The Great Porn Debate Reaches Missouri State University


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — There have been many great debates, but this is one of the dirtiest- not because of mud-slinging but because of the topic.

There are two very famous faces behind “The Great Porn Debate.” Porn star Ron Jeremy and pastor Craig Gross travel the country going to head to head and taking questions from the audience.

They were at Missouri State Wednesday night.

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Ron Jeremy Spotting – 2011 XBiz Awards

Ron Jeremy 2011 XBiz Awards

Ron Jeremy was spotted presenting their third VOD Company of the Year award on stage at the 2011 XBiz Awards ceremony. Strutting her beautiful body up behind him is Ron’s good friend, and porn star, Sunny Lane.

The 2011 XBiz Awards took place February 9th in Hollywood, California at the Hollywood Palladium.





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Ron Jeremy Spotting – NightMoves Party at 2001 Odyssey

Ron Jeremy at Nightmoves Awards 2010

2010 marks the 18th Annual NightMoves Adult Awards weekend in Tampa Bay. This was a unique year as the actual date of the Awards Show was on October 10th, 2010… or 10/10/10… or in Roman Numerals, X/X/X. “This date will only happen once every 100 years!” exclaimed NightMoves’ Editor, Tracy Allen, “I can see the advertisements now: “Triple X Day” in Tampa Bay!”

As in year’s past, NightMoves brings approximately 30 adult stars to the Tampa Bay area for a whirl wind tour of autograph signings, meet & greets, VIP parties, all ending with the glamorous Awards Show on Sunday evening October 10th.

Thursday started at the World Famous 2001 Odyssey for a “Welcome to Tampa” party. “We visited 2001 a few years back and it was standing room only! We’re very excited to return this year”, said Owner and Publisher of NightMoves Magazine, Paul Allen. Friday took the performers to two clubs in Pasco County, just north of Tampa Bay. Both, Foxy & Diamonds have been a part of the weekend’s events for the past 4 years. Saturday night the stars traveled to Tampa Gold Club, one of the largest, upscale clubs in Tampa.

Ron Jeremy was in attendance, as you can see. Sporting the quintessential Ron Jeremy T-Shirt and crocs that he has earned the Adult Entertainment right to wear everywhere.

Ron Jeremy and Porn Friends Speak Out

Ron Jeremy and his bevy of ultra-popular Adult Industry friends speak out against content theft.

Tube and Torrent sites may seem harmless because of how easy and friendly they come off as to lovers of “free stuff.” Unfortunately, having your personal work stolen and sold for free is anything but friendly. For the same reasons that the music industry fought to shut down Napster, the adult industry needs your help to stop content theft. Please don’t settle for inferior quality when watching Ron Jeremy’s movies. He has put a lifetime’s worth of work into bringing you the best in Adult Entertainment, pay him back with your patronage and support.

Thank You, Staff

Roman Orgy Feast with Ron Jeremy

Ron JeremyLet JP’s “Roman Orgy Feast” take you back to simpler times, less clothes, think toga’s. Think tables and tables of food to keep your energy revving. Think wild orgies that only Julius Caesar would be proud of. The Roman Empire will return to Vegas for one exciting evening. And who knows we may even sacrifice a virgin or two.

Ron Jeremy! One of America’s Biggest Porn Stars –starring in over 1700 films. Not to mention, having directed 250 of the porn industries finest and appearing in 60 “Mainstream” films and providing consultation to the producers of “Boogie Nights” and “9 1/2 weeks”

… Then there’s the 14 music videos he has appeared in and the book: “Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz”, his autobiography. Put all that together with the fact that Ron is “Just A Damned Nice Guy” and JP’s Saturday Nights Roman Orgy Feast Master of Ceremonies… JP’s ON THE STRIP –National Swingers’ Convention will be the PLACE TO BE!

And to make a Good Thing… GREAT! Ron will be running with the “Real Party People” at all the events in Las Vegas! Don’t miss his seminars on Friday and Saturday!