Ron Jeremy Endorses Hillary Clinton in 2016 Presidential Race

The Iowa caucuses are tonight, and things are heating up in the 2016 race to the White House with the first major nominating event of the election season!  Historically, the Iowa caucuses have a 43% (Democrat) and 50%(Republican) accuracy rate when it comes to predicting each party’s nominee, and the candidates are racking up the celebrity endorsements as they battle to become the next Commander-in-Chief.

Over the weekend, Buzzfeed News reported that in a recent interview with the outlet, Ron Jeremy officially endorsed his choice for President in 2016: Hillary Clinton.

According to the interview, much of Jeremy’s decision came out of admiration for Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton.

“’I got to shake hands with her husband,’ Jeremy said, noting his admiration for former president Bill Clinton’s role in the Northern Irish peace process and his attempts to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict. ‘A lot of it’s because of him. When he was in office, she gave him a lot of advice. When she’s in office, he’ll give her a lot of advice.’”

But that wasn’t all Jeremy had to say, and he certainly wasn’t shy when it came to his opinion on the field of Republican candidates.

On party front runner Donald Trump, Jeremy stated that he “likes [Trump] because he’s a New Yorker and because Trump stocks his brand of rum at Trump Tower in Panama. ‘Everyone loves his passion,’ he said, ‘but when it comes down to having a finger on a button, I don’t know if I want Donald Trump’s finger on the button.’

Jeremy had even harsher words for candidate Ben Carson.

“‘He should do what he does best and go back into the OR. Go cure cancer.’ Get the fuck out of the race, you fucking idiot, and do what you do best,’ he added later.”

Wise words, from a wise man. Maybe it’s time to back Ron Jeremy 2016 instead!

For those wishing to join Jeremy and support Clinton in 2016, the campaign is accepting contributions on their  official website here.

Ron Jeremy Honored By Meet with American Hero Alek Skarlatos

Ron Jeremy is honored to meet American Hero Alek Skarlatos

Last month while filming on the set of Range 15, Ron Jeremy was pleased to have the honor of meeting a true, modern-day American Hero – Aleksander (Alek) Skarlatos (pictured). Skarlatos, who serves as an Oregon Army National Guardsman Specialist, made headlines in August 2015 after stopping a terrorist while traveling by train during a vacation in Europe.

On August 21, 2015, Skarlatos, along with two childhood friends (Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler) decided to take a much deserved trip through Europe after having recently returned from serving in Afghanistan.  The three friends were onboard a train traveling to Paris from Amsterdam when Ayoub El Kahzzani, a 25-year old Moroccan man exited a bathroom brandishing an AKM assault rifle and equipped with 270 rounds of ammunition.  After several passengers attempted to stop the act unsuccessfully, it was Skarlatos who seized the assailant’s rifle, and used it to beat him until he was unconscious.

After the thwarted attack, Skarlatos, along with his companions, were awarded the United States Army Soldier’s Medal from President Barack Obama, as well as France’s highest decoration, the Legion of Honour from French President Francois Hollande.

Jeremy was able to express his thanks to Skarlatos in person while on set, and wants to thank Skarlatos, along with all of the other men and women serving in the military, for their courage, sacrifice, and selflessness in the line of duty that they display each and every day.

Ron Jeremy and Tera Patrick: No On Measure B!

Ron Jeremy and the stunning Tera Patrick team up for a not so sexy PSA urging folks in Los Angeles County, California to vote No On Measure B.  Well, Ron and Tera are always sexy, but that isn’t what this is all about.  If you enjoy watching porn, (you are on after all) then you should definitely listen to what they have to say.  You can find out more about Measure B here:


Too Much Sex Can Be A Bad Thing

The Huffington Post has brought news of PETA’s . XXX site to our attention.  The animal rights group is opening our eyes with hot nudie pics and shocking photos of mistreated animals.  It’s a crazy combo, but I think it’s an effective one.  Ron Jeremy, along with other performers and those willing to bare their buns for the cause, has teamed up with PETA to let you know that even he thinks that too much sex can be a bad thing. Get your pet spayed or neutered to avoid the unnecessary killing of thousands of animals.

You should absolutely check out the video and PETA.XXX, but be warned – in addition to seeing super sexy images (i.e. Jenna Jameson), you’ll also have the unfortunate experience of seeing what these poor animals go through before/when they are slaughtered.

Protect Kids From Porn

Brenda Black, Brandy Anniston, Tia Gunn, Rayveness, April Flores, Crissy Moran and Kelly Shibari join Ron Jeremy in’s newest PSA. Two hilarious 8 year old boys are attempting to do research for a school assignment, when a typo takes them from “pork” to “porn”. Pete the Porno Puppet, XXXChurch’s blonde puppet mascot since 2004, immediately begins shaking his head as the doorbell rings. The two curious lads rush to the door and find 4 gorgeous adult actresses waiting for them. When asked if they are at least 18 years old, the PSA depicts the issue of minors lying about their age with genius innocent comedy. Of course, after realizing this new power, the kids repeat with more adult words in order to render different things at their own doorstep. Ultimately, after drilling down into sub-niches of adult content, Ron Jeremy appears ready with two goats for some undisclosed entertainment.

Many adult professionals have had mixed opinions about the visual exposure of real minors to adult actors and actresses, but we feel this is exactly what the PSA is for. Parents should be made aware how easily adult material can be found by minors online, and that they have the ability to control it. Claiming ignorance to technology cannot be an acceptable excuse for today’s guardians.