Ron Jeremy Speaks Out on “The Flying Pink Pig” Lawsuit

Ron Jeremy Speaks Out on The Flying Pink Pig Lawsuit

On one side, there’s the angry food truck owner. On the other, the defensive porn director. In the middle is porn star Ron Jeremy, who has the best perspective on the XXX taco truck. It began innocently enough when popular local food truck The Flying Pig began showing up in promos for “The Flying Pink Pig,” a food truck-themed porn film starring Sunny Lane.

Truck owner Joe Kim says he was misled and thought the truck was being used in a “romantic movie.” (Hey, to some people, a double-penetration scene on the cold steel of a taco truck counter is romantic.)

Kim filed suit to stop the film’s release, but “Flying Pink Pig” director Erica McLean stood standing her ground, telling us that Kim’s story about being misled is a bunch of hooey.

Kim and McLean may not relish the legal wrangling — or maybe they do and this is all a canny publicity stunt — but Ron Jeremy certainly believes there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Though he doesn’t have a sex scene in either film, Jeremy plays a competing food truck owner in “The Flying Pink Pig” and its sequel. When we spoke to Ron Jeremy yesterday, he told us:

“We want to thank [Joe Kim] very much for suing. We appreciate it. It’s like when “Debbie Does Dallas” came out and the Dallas Cheerleaders sued. They made it the most popular movie in America. I personally want to thank him for suing Erica.”

Explaining his onscreen role, Ron Jeremy says, “I’m the competitor and I try to take over the business. I’m in the original and the sequel, and in both of them I yell, ‘I hate you, Sunny, and your flying pink pig!’ Sunny Lane beats me in the business, using sex and things like that, of course.” Of course. He’s not sure, but he thinks the trucks sells cupcakes.

The role of the vicious food truck owner came naturally to Ron Jeremy. Now well into his 50s, the #1 porn star of all time, according to AVN, considers himself a sexual and a culinary hedonist. (He already has his own rum, Ron de Jeremy.)

“To me, eating is even more fun than sex — on and off screen,” the Hedgehog says. “Once you get to your mid-50s, and you have a blonde, a brunette and a redhead over here vs. a steak and a lobster over there. I’m sorry, but the surf-and-turf is calling me more.”

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Ron Jeremy Still “Hard” at Work

Playboy Mansion at DOMAINfest recently posted about their experience at this past DOMAINfest. DOMAINfest is a conference meant to inspire and support the web industry, not only by providing valuable content and informative sessions, but also by providing opportunities to network among the people who keep the domain industry moving.

This year DOMAINfest’s social networking function was a party at the PLAYBOY Mansion, which apparently was a “who’s who” of the web business scene. During their time at the mansion, the boys ran into Ron Jeremy as he was having a conversation with Justin Brescia from the hit MTV series “The Hills”.

“A couple of hours later when the party was ending, we bumped into Justin and adult film legend Ron Jeremy who were chatting about where to go after the party. It was decided that Ron would drive us (Justin, Two of their friends, Tony, and me) to Hollywood where a bottle of Grey Goose was supposedly awaiting us at a hot spot called Playhouse. Shortly thereafter, we arrived at the club where we were ushered in to a private table with VIP service. Right after we got there, the DJ announced Justin’s entrance and played the show’s theme song as the crowd went crazy. The only down side is that they stopped serving alcohol by the time we got there. The plus side is that we didn’t need anymore alcohol. It was a crazy night.” –

When it comes to social networking, Ron Jeremy is a man that any business would want on their side. As you can tell, he always knows where the party is at and never stops “working”.

Ron Jeremy Says, “Gaming is Worse Than Porn”

Is Gaming Worse Than Porn?

Ron Jeremy made quite the mark in Vegas this weekend. He has stepped in a heaping pile of “leet” shit, but for the benefit of developing minds.

Ron spent his time in Vegas hopping back and forth between the Adult Entertainment Expo and the Consumer Electronics Show which happened simultaneously. During his time at CES, his main goals were to stand up for the adult entertainment business and promote internet safety through Unfortunately, it seems Ron Jeremy’s message has been a bit convoluted.

Gaming is a subject that hits very close to this writer’s heart. “Studies have found that violent video games are a much bigger negative influence on kids,” Ron Jeremy stated at CES. Since this statement, many Gamer blogs have responded negatively towards Ron. As an avid adult gamer myself, I would urge you to see this point of view for what it really is.

For example, take the most popular violent title today, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.” If playing the title over a network such as XBOX Live, I’m sure anyone over the age of 25 would say, “hearing a 10 year blurt out obscenities after shooting you in the face is a little ridiculous.” This is the type of thing Ron Jeremy is obviously making his statement about. I, as a gamer, could never think someone who most recently starred in a commercial series for a violent cartoon fighting game, would be publicly attacking the genre’s very existence as a whole.

It is implied by Ron Jeremy that neither Pornography nor Violent Gaming are acceptable for children. In the interest of Internet Safety, which is why Ron was in attendance, both should be censored by parents for their children’s sakes. Violent Gaming is widely more accepted by parents than Pornography in the home, but also has adverse effects. As an advocate of parental responsibility with regards to technology, Ron’s need to bring attention to this isn’t all that “off the wall.”

Between Porn and Gaming, Porn has most certainly gotten the short end of the stick in public media. Be that as it may, you still don’t see as many 12 year old children having sex on camera as you do see the same age group regurgitating offensive phrases they hear over video games. Porn has done much to protect minors from viewing it’s materials. Gaming has also instituted ratings for mature games and such, but has nowhere close to the success rate of the Adult Industry in comparison.

So calm down all you avid adult gamers out there. This one was meant for the kids.

Things Ron Jeremy is More Important Than…’s Top 5 in 2009
2009: A Look Back

* Reporter: Scott A. Hurley

We posted more than 11,000 news stories on in 2009. Most of them are seen by a few hundred people in Northeast Wisconsin, but a few caught the eye of people all over the nation – and the world.

The fifth-most-popular, according to the company Omniture, which tracks traffic to our site: A story about the city of Oshkosh hiring sharpshooters to hunt deer in the city. As part of an agreement with, it was linked on that site. It recorded 36,006 page views.

Number four?

Well, that one had a bit of an “adult” theme. It was a story about adult film star Ron Jeremy speaking at UW-Oshkosh. picked it up, and so did – a Web site devoted to strange, weird or funny news. It got 36,053 page views.


In this edition of “Things Ron Jeremy is More Important Than…”, we are addressing a very interesting comparison.

Oshgosh, Wisconsin recently had a growing deer problem. The population had found it’s way inside of the city limits, and was causing problems on roadways. The town council had exhausted every humane alternative to making their final decision, but sharpshooters seemed to be the only way to begin solving the problem.

Oshgosh approved the use of sharpshooters inside city limits to kill deer. If this situation hasn’t sunk in properly, picture large mammals roaming your street at night and being sniped dead at your door step. Children witnessing the opening scene from “Bambi” first hand with a front row seat over and over again.

Ron Jeremy visits the town and simply speaks. No guns, no wildlife, no death, and certainly no combination of the three. Yet, once again Ron generates 47 more hits for the win.

Ron Jeremy is more important than the mass public killing of mammals.