Ron Jeremy and Porn Friends Speak Out

Ron Jeremy and his bevy of ultra-popular Adult Industry friends speak out against content theft.

Tube and Torrent sites may seem harmless because of how easy and friendly they come off as to lovers of “free stuff.” Unfortunately, having your personal work stolen and sold for free is anything but friendly. For the same reasons that the music industry fought to shut down Napster, the adult industry needs your help to stop content theft. Please don’t settle for inferior quality when watching Ron Jeremy’s movies. He has put a lifetime’s worth of work into bringing you the best in Adult Entertainment, pay him back with your patronage and support.

Thank You, Staff

Ron Jeremy, Best-selling Author

New York Magazine plugs my book ‘Ron Jeremy: The Hardest [Working] Man in Show Business.

HarperCollins’s Book Expo cocktail party Saturday night, on the Fox film lot (thanks, Rupert Murdoch), was designed to make every last bookseller feel like a star, its red carpet lined with thirties-style stock-character paparazzi. There were a few genuine quasi-celebrities in attendance: Audra McDonald, Muriel Hemingway, Kevin Nealon, and. … Ron Jeremy? Wearing a black blazer, a T-shirt reading “Pay to Play,” dark-gray jeans, and blue Crocs over bare feet, the world’s most famous male porn star was deep in conversation with a couple of Borders sales reps when we caught up with him.

Jeremy was at BEA for his book, Hardest (Working) Man in Show Business, now in paperback, which “didn’t get a single bad review,” and, he frequently reminded us, is a best seller. “Call me anything on the planet but you have to add on ‘and … a best-selling author,'” he said, insisting it’ll be in his obituary. “‘He was this, this, this, this, a lot of dick jokes, now he’s really stiff, and best-selling author.'”

Someday I’ll have to let you read my obit. The double entendres are so fast and furious it’s like Oscar Wilde wrote the thing.


Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted

TorrentFreak doesn’t like my attitude towards piracy.

Here’s their justification for theft.

There is no doubt that adult clips are widely shared on the Internet, especially via BitTorrent. Approximately 5% of all files being shared on public BitTorrent trackers are adult content, and most of these files are copyrighted. On top of that, sites such as Empornium, PureTnA and Cheggit solely focus on sharing porn, and are among the most popular private BitTorrent trackers on the Internet.

Here’s my response.

I know you guys are real savvy with you torrents and tube sites, you could probably get away with never paying for porn again. But you know what’ll happen then? The big companies will take their big tits and go home. Then you’ll be stuck with free tube sites chock full of poorly rendered re-runs and the worst in amateur offerings.

Back from England, happy to be driving on the right/correct side of the road again 🙂