Doing better every day

Ron is conscious and his condition is steadily improving.

He still isn’t able to receive cards or care packages, but your prayers and well wishes are greatly appreciated.

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Happy Halloween: Ron “The Horny Hunchback” Jeremy

Happy Halloween!  In celebration of the best day of the year, we are featuring the classic porno, Ejacula.  Assuming that you arrived at RonJeremy . com on purpose, you can read the title and guess that the movie might have a little something to do with ejaculation and Dracula.  What fun!  Ron Jeremy plays the horny hunchback and while it is the least fuckable I’ve ever seen him, he plays a damn fine hunchback and still manages to bang a few hot blondes.  Ron has it like that.


Ron “The Hunchback” Jeremy sneaks a kiss.

Ron Jeremy Tongues A Hot Blonde


Ron “The Hunchback” Jeremy might have gotten caught.

Ron Jeremy And Ejacula


Don’t worry, Ron “The Hunchback” Jeremy, she’s not mad.

Don't Be Scared, Ron


She just wants you to rustle up some dinner for young Rocco Siffredi.

Ron Jeremy and Young Rocco Siffredi


The Deep Throat Sex Scandal
It’s official today! Ron Jeremy has been cast in the upcoming hit off-Broadway play “THE DEEP THROAT SEX SCANDAL” opening at the Zephyr Theater in Los Angeles in January 2013.  Ron will play the judge that was appointed to convict the adult film stars in the original Deep Throat trial. This is the play about the movie the government didn’t want you to see!

Ron will be performing live on stage in a play about one of the most controversial adult films in history.  Ron Jeremy live on stage?  Yes, please!

According to, “in 1972, a hairdresser from Queens made a little movie that grossed over $600 million and ignited the sexual revolution.

THE DEEP THROAT SEX SCANDAL takes you into the secret world of adult film making and introduces you to the legendary Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems.  Follow the bizarre journey from the creation of the movie, to the political fallout of the ensuing courtroom drama.”

Here is a little bit of what Ron had to say about the social impact of the original Deep Throat.  Please ignore the old date from the previous release date of the play.

YouTube Preview Image

Check out for more details about the original trial and the upcoming show schedule.

You can watch the original Deep Throat here!

Nina Loves Ron: A Love Story 35 Years-in-the-Making

Nina Loves Ron

A Love Story 35 Years-in-the-Making

CANOGA PARK, CA – July 25, 2012 – Hustler, the most powerful name in adult entertainment, today announced that two of the industry’s greatest stars will be showcased in a new scene coming to DVD next week. “Nina Loves Ron” features Nina Hartley and Ron Jeremy in a send-up of modern dating by two masters of the craft, directed by Axel Braun.

In addition to all-new content featuring the trials of online dating, the first tentative steps of budding love and (of course) sex, the DVD includes classic scenes from Nina and Ron with such co-stars as Tom Byron, Alicia Monet, Crystal Wilder and Renee Morgan.

“We are all huge fans of both of these stars,” said Drew Rosenfeld, Hustler’s Creative Director. “We wanted to create a project where, after 35 years, we could bring Nina and Ron together again, and make a film that stands out. I think we succeeded. This film will make you want to fall in love again.”

Nina Loves Ron is set for release on Tuesday, July 31, 2012.

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