Ron Jeremy & Dennis Hof Featured on HuffPo Live!

Ron Jeremy has been working the press junkets this week, alongside good friend Dennis Hof, to promote Hof’s latest tome, “The Art of the Pimp,” (on sale now!).

Jeremy and Hof, along with “Hollywood Madam,” Heidi Fleiss and bunny Krissy Summers (Hof’s fiancée), sat down with HuffPo Live to discuss the book and how hard out there it REALLY is for a pimp!

Check out the video here!

Ron Jeremy Profiled in Culture Mag Feature Interview

We all know Ron Jeremy has taken an “in-depth” look into many of the hottest starlets to work in the industry, but how many have gotten that close and personal to the legend himself?

Paul Rogers of Culture Mag takes an in-depth look at the life, career and massive….presence…that is Ron Jeremy!  Check out the full spread and interview here!

Ron Jeremy Goes Deep with Kassem G

If you haven’t yet checked out Kassem G’s amazingly stoic-asm youtube channel Going Deep, I don’t necessarily feel bad for you because I’m about to open your eyes to the greatest Porn Star interviewer in a robe and glasses.


Kassem G interviewed Ron Jeremy, our number one man with the number one 9 ¾” power pump (it’s killing me to avoid the Harry Potter reference).  We brought forth the eight-minute-and-some-change video so you can get to know the legend as we do: a normal human who can kill an awkward moment with scientific facts. I recommend turning the volume all the way up, since the moments of glare-to-glare silence are especially worth hearing.

YouTube Preview Image