The Hedgehogs? UND Considers New Nickname Homage to Ron Jeremy

The University of North Dakota took to public opinion during the month of April to get suggestions for a new team nickname after their former name, “The Fighting Sioux,” was deemed offensive by the NCAA.

Between April 1 and 30th, UND asked the public to submit entries as to what the new team name should be.  After receiving thousands of submissions, the report was released this week, and coming in with 5 votes?  The Hedgehogs!  Citing Ron Jeremy as his inspiration, the the submitter’s suggestion for the nickname remains on the consideration list!

BunnyRanch Owner Dennis Hof Releasing Autobiography Featuring Ron Jeremy!

No one knows better than Ron Jeremy that it’s hard out there for a pimp-except maybe Ron’s great friend and Moonlight BunnyRanch owner, Dennis Hof!


Hof is set to release his autobiography next week, The Art of the Pimp, which includes some great anecdotes and behind-the-scenes stories of his decades long friendship with our very own Ron!  You won’t want to miss all the sordid tales from the world’s most successful “pimp!”

From the publisher:

“Dennis Hof, proprietor of the world-famous Moonlite BunnyRanch brothel and the P.T. Barnum of prostitution, charts his path to fame and infamy, while dispensing homespun wisdom about sex, sales, money, and how to live as the country’s most recognizable pimp.

In The Art of the Pimp, Dennis Hof offers a hilarious, insightful, behind-the-scenes look at life as the proprietor of The Moonlight BunnyRanch, the world’s most famous legal brothel, and recounts his chaotic life as the king of America’s sex industry. Hof, the star of HBO’s critically lauded series Cathouse, reveals the tricks of turning tricks, the secrets of his outrageous marketing stunts, and scandalous details of his friendships with porn stars, prostitutes, and politicians. Readers will learn how Hof’s ‘girls’ negotiate the highest prices for sex, the dirty little secrets of getting men to fall in love with them, and the inside tales of ‘The Girlfriend Experience,’ the #1 requested menu item. The Art of the Pimp will take readers on a wild ride through his countless sexual conquests, romantic failures, and business successes.”


The Art of the Pimp is currently available for pre-sale on Amazon now and officially goes on sale St. Patrick’s Day, Tuesday, March 17, 2015. Reserve your copy today!


Silly website publishes false story about Miley Cyrus fight with Ron Jeremy – UPDATED

Wrecking Ball Parody CaptureYou may have seen a news item today claiming, “According to the club’s manager, Ron Jeremy was hosting the Derby event at the club. At some point while Jeremy was talking with some fans near the bar area, he was approached by a, according to many, highly intoxicated Miley Cyrus who, thought he should die for ripping off her video.”


Apparently this site is trying to be something like the Onion. I’d call this story an epic fail. There is nothing entertaining or thought provoking in this piece of garbage writing. For that reason I will not even share the name of this lame website or link to the abhorrent article. It is true Ron was appearing at a Derby Party at Trixie’s in Louisville on May 3rd but that is where the truth to this story ends.


The story has already been debunked as a total lie. Ron himself tweeted “FYI – NOT TRUE “. The site Global Flare has also reported the story was a “Hoax“. The truth is actually the complete opposite of what this article claims. As we reported last week, Ron recently put out an album on the label BCR which also produced an album with Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley’s dad. Ron and Billy Ray know each other and Ron told me last week that he had received word that both Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus LOVED the parody video and thought it was hysterical. I don’t know Miley Cyrus at all but from what I have seen of her, she strikes me as someone who has a decent sense of humor and the ability to laugh at herself.


Ron also reported that Teri Richardson, the Director of Miley’s original  Wrecking Ball video watched and enjoyed the parody. The Ron Jeremy parody of the original Wrecking Ball music video was directed by Nathan Coltrane and produced by Amber Smith who went to great lengths to copy the original shot for shot and they did an amazing job. Speaking about making the video Amber said, “Ron Jeremy was a great sport. We have a great crew of friends that pulled this off in just two days of filming. With Nathan Coltrane directing & Micheal Greenman as our DP, it went as smooth as can be. Tons of laughs on set and never a dull moment around RJ. I’m glad to hear that the argument between him and Miley Cyrus was a hoax. It was really meant to be for fun. I heard that her and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus actually liked the video. I knew she had a good sense of humor.”


You can see a side by side comparison of the two in this YouTube Video:


YouTube Preview Image


I am a big fan of intelligent satire and of course we all know Ron loves comedy but personally I find this most recent failed attempt at humor at the expense of Miley Cyrus to lack any constructive social criticism I would hope to find in a satirical piece. This fake news item is not witty, but is simply a mean spirited ploy to bring internet traffic to a website written by losers trying to capitalize on the fame of Ron Jeremy and Miley Cyrus. It’s pathetic and I would encourage all of you to ignore this story and refrain form sharing it or passing it on to others. If you are looking for something funny to brighten your day try the Onion or Funny or Die. Better yet, watch some more videos from the great people who made the Ron Jeremy Wrecking Ball Parody by visiting the SPOKENRAD channel on YouTube.

Ron Jeremy Shakes Hands with President Clinton (Clinton knew exactly who he was ;-)

It has been widely reported in the media that President Bill Clinton recently posed for a photo with a couple of lovely prostitutes at a charity event in Los Angeles called Unite4:Humanity. Of course these “news” items are all about generating traffic with salacious attention grabbing headlines. Fortuneatley for us, Ron Jeremy was also on the scene and he was able to put the whole incident into perspective.


Mr. Clinton took photos with a ton of people that night including some hot celebrities such as Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Cheryl Hines. There was even a “selfie” with Demi Lovato (who is cute but not someone I’d ever heard of) making its way around the Internet. It was the ladies who happen to work at the Bunny Ranch who grabbed the headlines of course. Sure, Clinton has no one but himself to blame for this. The seed was laid back when he was in the Oval Office but to imply anything lascivious was going on here is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

Bill Clinton with Barbie Girl and Ava Adora

Bill Clinton poses with invited guests at Unite4:Humanity charity event.


This was a big ticket fundraiser and truth be told, if you you’ve got the cheddar to put down for a cause you are going to be welcome at an event like this one. One such person willing to throw down and support Unite4:Good on their mission to “create a kinder world” is Dennis Hof, owner of the internationally famous and completely legal Bunny Ranch Brothel in Nevada. On this night Mr. Hof generously brought along two of his employees and his good friend Ron Jeremy to share in the excitement of the night. If you’ve read Ron’s book, The Hardest (Working) Man in Show Business, you know meeting politicians is nothing new for him but according to Ron this night really was something special.


“I’ve met so many political people over the years”, Ron told me today on the phone. “I have met Governor Schwarzenegger,  Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark, Canadian Conservative Party heavy weight Preston Manning and many Senators and congresspeople from the USA. Secretary of State John Kerry even flashed me a thumbs up at an event once.  I also met George Bush Sr. on two separate occasions. I first met him at an Airport and once at the grand opening of Planet Hollywood when I was hanging out with Charlie Sheen. Anyway, the first time I met President Bush I went up to him and shook his hand. It was pretty obvious he had no idea who I was but his Secret Service certainly did. They were giggling and all smiles but to their credit, they did their job and slily prevented those with Cameras from taking any pictures of the two of us. Meeting President Clinton was different. He called out “Ron” as I approached and we shook hands. Again, the Secret Service did an amazing job preventing any photos from being taken. I heard there might be some security camera footage so if that turns up I will be sure and share it with my fans.”


Ron said the highlight of the night was Clinton’s speech which was passionate, moving and inspirational.


Dennis Hof, Ron Jeremy, Barbie Girl and Ava Adora at Unite4:Humanity event

After the speech Mt Clinton mingled and took photos with guests which also included the likes of Martin Scorsese, Robert Deniro, Adam Rifkin and Steve Bing. When he was approached by two lovely young ladies for a quick photo op it is not surprising he agreed. Neither he nor his Secret Service knew the profession of these women. If they had it is quite probable the photo would not have been taken. Of course, what these ladies do is legal. They pay taxes. They are contributing members of society. They deserve representation from politicians just like everyone else. On this night they were out to support a good cause. Their line of work was irrelevant.


I guess you can’t fault the likes of the Daily Mail and TMZ for trying to make something juicy out of nothing but I also hope no one uses this to find any fault with the President. If anything he deserves kudos for being a nice guy who puts himself out there and is willing to spend time with his fans. It is pretty cool these hard working women had this opportunity to rub elbows in a room predominantly filled with celebrities and billionaires.

Miss Nevada And A “Crewd” Photo With Ron Jeremy

Miss Arizona

Oh Miss Nevada, Jade Kelsall, how dare you have fun with Ron Jeremy.  Letting lose and having a good time IS NOT ALLOWED.  Only dishonorable ladies give fake blowjobs to porn icons.  To pour a little salt in the wound, the photo was posted on Facebook for thousands of your closest internet friends to see, you WHORE.  You have some nerve embarrassing the great state of Nevada and its strict moral code with your faux fellatio. You have marred the crown by being yourself and indulging in innocent hoopla with Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy.  What kind of example have you set for Miss Nevadas to come?  Hopefully, one day a new Miss Nevada will re-establish the dignity that once was before you tarnished it with your lewd photograph.

In case my sarcasm didn’t read, I’m going to clarify our position:  Miss Nevada, you did nothing wrong!  Can whoever is in charge lighten up around here?  It was just a picture and his wang wasn’t even out!  We think you’re a total hottie as well as a human with a sense of humor.  Both attributes make you worthy of your crown.

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