“Ron Jeremy Was In That?” 5 Alive

Reindeer GamesCongrats to Austin Zerkle on winning the Quadrilogy!

The correct answer was indeed “Reindeer Games” as Prisoner #1. Increased difficulty makes for awesome photo hints! Unfortunately, I can’t get my hands on any imagery from this cameo. Although, if you look up the credits for this movie…Ron Jeremy is very high on the list. As he should be :)

Yet another autographed Ron Jeremy 8×10 sent to a happy fan!

This week’s “Ron Jeremy Was In That?” is set to pick your brain just as hard. Good Luck and Godspeed!

The 5th Set of Clues:

* Speed
* The Freak
* The Cook
* Brittany Murphy

“Ron Jeremy Was In That?” The Quadrilogy

Ron Jeremy in Citizen Toxie

You’re Doing Great!

We have three winners now in the “Ron Jeremy Was In That?” contest, and there are a ton more autographs to be won.

The answer to Part 3 was indeed “Toxic Avenger 4: Citizen Toxie”. Ron Jeremy played the mayor and had a fairly long portion of face time in comparison to our previous two film answers. Ron has had a great relationship with Troma during his career, and even made an appearance at Comic Con to roast Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Entertainment. If I were playing this game, I would keep Troma Entertainment in the back of my mind for further answers (wink wink).

On To The Quadrilogy!!!!

This Weeks Clues:

* Michigan
* Prison
* Love Letters
* Ex-Con

Ready, Set, Go!!!

“Ron Jeremy Was in That?” Part 3

Ron Jeremy was indeed in Quentin Tarantino’s “Killing Zoe”. Although he simply sits behind a desk silent and gets blasted with a shotgun, there’s no mistaking “The Hedgehog” in a film. Well, maybe if Stan Van Gundy were to start making main stream cinema cameos. Anyway, we now have 2 winners and a whole stack of autographs waiting to be claimed. Now that you have the idea, it’s time to up the difficulty.

Good Luck!

This Weeks Clues:


“Ron Jeremy Was In That?” Round 2

Ron Jeremy in Ghostbusters

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the second installment of “Ron Jeremy Was In That?”

Last weeks answer was indeed “Ghostbusters“! Ron was an extra in the film, and is standing directly behind the road block as the firehouse explodes letting spirits out all over New York City.

Congratulations to Andrew Gonzalez for being the first official winner of his very own Autographed Ron Jeremy 8×10! As I am bagging and tagging this one for shipping, here is the next set of terms.

This weeks clues are as follows:

*Shotgun Masturbation

Find Ron Jeremy! Go!

Remember, the first Fan Post with the correct answer wins.

Good Luck!